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One-on-One Classes

Online and in Studio

As a Dance Educator, I focus on teaching theory, history, modality, fundamentals, vocabulary, styles, competition coaching, and methods. In my 30 years teaching Dance, continually evolving as a better educator, I have developed a multifaceted articulation of dance theories using different methods, culture and histories of dance.

It’s important to me to preserve and pass on the history of dance to future generations. As human beings we all have the right to know and understand the importance and benefits of dance in mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. With all of this knowledge, each one of us can help uplift our community.

My intention is to guide dancers to freely and fully express themselves. I believe dance can break barriers and inspire change. As a dance alchemist, I boldly meld elements of ethnic folk dance, hip hop, waacking, house, dancehall, contemporary and Latin.


The main goal is to help each student reach their specific goals and grow as a dancer. We will work on programming your muscles to mobilize your body mechanism, allowing your body to flow freely by utilizing different types of dance styles. You will learn to use your breath rhythmically within any dance style.


This private lesson offers specific strategies on how to use your talent, ability, style, and musicality. Designed to show and share some powerful tips and tricks on how to advance and win your dance battle.


Freestyle is a moment of experimental artistic expression fusing various styles as you dance with or without music. I designed a freestyle private session to bring out your artistic expression and development of your own personal style. I will guide you to express your inner feelings and movements through dance while listening to your favourite tunes.


Choreography is a structured and thought out experimental art or practice of your own/collaborative design sequence to tell an artistic expression or story by fusing various styles. In this class I will lead and coach you to trust the process of your creative journey by using methods, mechanics, theories, transition, space and time, to tell your story and artistic expression through choreography.

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In Studio/Online Drop-in Classes & Registered Programs

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Limited space due to COVID-19

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Progress Stilettos

Registration ends Sep. 27th

Begin Sep. 27 @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Express Solo Programs


Begin Nov 1

Express Tech + Dress Rehearsal

Mondays – Fundamental Classes

5:15pm – House
6:20pm – Waacking
7:25pm – Groove


4:10pm – House Fundamentals & Choreo
5:20pm – Dance in Heels Choreo


7:00pm – Latin-House Choreography

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