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One-on-One and Group Coaching at All Levels

Personal Development | Career in Dance | Artistry | Choreography

In my 30 years teaching Dance, continually evolving as a better educator, I have developed a multifaceted articulation of dance theories tapping into different methods, culture and histories of dance.

As a Dance Educator, it’s important to me, to preserve and pass on the history of dance to future generations. As human beings we all have the right to know and understand the importance and benefits of dance related to all realms of our lives. With all of this knowledge, each one of us can develop and help uplift our community.

As a dance alchemist, I boldly meld elements of street, classical, and traditional. My intention is to guide dancers to freely and fully express themselves. I believe dance is very essential in a human’s life and can break barriers to inspire change. Any level of ability, even if you have no experience in dance or just want to dance and have fun this is perfect for you. I believe that DANCE contributes to your overall well-being improvement – physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and financial.

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If you are just starting in dance, want to dance for fun or expand your knowledge in other aspects of dance, this is for you. I will design a personalized program for you. Dance is a positive outlet to express and boost our health. Having worked with pioneers in the industry, and dance educators around the world, I have developed modalities, theories and programs to guide you to dive in, connect, and evolve to become a great dancer.


Having an understanding of what brought you to dance, and what you hope to both contribute and receive, may bring you clarity on what you wish to do with your dance career. Often, people enjoy dance, but aren’t aware of how they can weave dance with other skills to generate lucrative income. We will discuss the eclectic avenues of Dance and how my coaching can help you combine your artistic practices with many other aspects of dance.


Exploring your creative side is key to identifying your path in Dance. Through my coaching, we will define your mission, vision and values, integrating modalities, methods, theories, fundamentals, culture, history, musicality and dance forms, to confidently tell your story and express your artistry. Creativity has led us to the existence we know, and through innovative creativity we can free ourselves to reach our full potential. 


Structured and thought-out experimental artfusing various forms or practices of our own/collaborative design sequence, artistry or storytelling. You and your crew will learn stylized, fun, and dynamic choreography, broken down into 4 modalities, to fit your greatest ability to catch the movements. Multiple programs offered, each including techniques, performance, and team building skills.  (Option – Professionally edited dance video for you to keep)

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In Studio/Online Drop-in Classes & Registered Programs

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Virtual and In Studio   Dance Classes

Available February 2021

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Virtual Workshop

December 29th 2020, 6pm-8pm




In Studio Dance Classes @ MTP 

5:15pm – Waacking

6:20pm – Dance in Heels


7:10pm – Latin-House Choreography Virtual and In Studio Class

Starts January 6th 2021

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