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Jojo Zolina

Educator | Choreographer | Performer

Selected Credits


As an Educator, I focus on teaching theory, history, modality, fundamentals, vocabulary, styles, competition coaching, and methods. In my 30 years teaching Dance, continually evolving as a better educator, I have developed a multifaceted articulation of dance theories using different methods, culture and histories of dance. It’s important to me to preserve and pass on the history of dance to future generations. As human beings we all have the right to know and understand the importance and benefits of dance in mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. With all of this knowledge, each one of us can help uplift our community. My intention is to guide dancers to freely and fully express themselves. I believe dance can break barriers and inspire change. As a dance alchemist, I boldly meld elements of ethnic folk dance, hip hop, waacking, house, dancehall, contemporary and Latin.

I’ve been fortunate to have studied under and worked with some of the most renowned names in the business including Kelly Konno, Luther Brown, Martha Carter and Jennifer Mascall, as well as several Modern Dance Companies and Street dance pioneers like the Mop Top Crew, the Electric Boogaloos, Tyrone Proctor, Archie Burnett, Ana Sanchez and House of Xtravaganza. My craft has given me the opportunity to travel and teach all over the globe, as far as Russia, India, Japan, China, South Korea, France, Spain, Amsterdam and the Middle East to represent and share my passion for dance art Additionally I mounted my own FREE dance tutorial web series “Learn To Groove Dance” on Youtube in collaboration with ‘The Healthy Transformation’ to help and reach anyone who wants to get started in dance.

You can find me teaching locally in Vancouver:

  • Luminesque Dance Company
  • iDance
  • Baza Dance Studio

In an effort to help strengthen community and inspire youth to realize their creativity Jojo has started several dance crews in Canada such as Over The Influence (Hip Hop), House of La Douche (Waacking and Vogue), Bucky TOP (Dancehall),  Waacouture (Waacking) Disco Love Child (House and Waacking), and House of Dangerkat (Various Artists).


Principal Dancer

  • Pixel’s Cabaret – Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Spectra’s Cabaret – Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Colette Paris – Paris Fashion Week
  • Vivenne Westwood/Addidas – London Fashion Week
  • McDonald’s – Reel Athlete Production
  • Puma
  • Eye Optical – Reel Athletes
  • Parasuco – Rachel Wainwright
  • Buffalo Jeans
  • Mac Cosmetic
  • Crystal Ball


  • Vancouver Fashion Week – Aubrey Clayson Design Australia
  • Vancouver Fashion Week – KILLA Design
  • Niagara Outlet Collection – Bash Creatives Agency
  • Philippines Canadian Fashion Week – Jeff Rustia
  • 2010 Winter Olympics – Hudson Bay
  • Hornito’s Tequila – Reel Athlete Production

Creative Director

  • Taboo Sex Show – Canada Place
  • Beauties of Asia Pageant – JCR Production
  • PIDC Little Miss & Miss Philippines Pageant – JCR Production
  • Choreographer for music videos: Barron Sullivan, Zaki Ibrahim, Cory Lee, Brock Zanrosso (YTV), Chloe Charles, Tito Deville, Dirty Radio, Omar Khan, Warren Flandez
  • Creative Director/Choreographer for Beauties of Asia Pageant, Miss Philippines Beauty Pageant, Toronto and Vancouver Fashion Week and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
  • Choreographer for Luminesque Dance Company.
  • FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Vancouver Pride
  • 2013 Philippines Canadian Fashion Week – Jeff Rustia
  • 2010-13 New York, Austria, New Zealand, Vancouver Queer Film Festival – The Heist
  • 2010 Winter Olympics – Hudson Bay
  • 2008 Juste Debout – Paris, France with House of Dangerkat
  • Hornito’s Tequila – Reel Athlete Production
  • 1993-99 – Folk Fest Victoria, B.C.
  • SMALL STAGE 2020
  • Just Us Tour 2021 with Della – Art Start
  • Glitter and Soul 2021
  • 2019 CNN Great Big Story – featuring House of La Douche
  • Miss Joe Abunda Cabaret Philippines 2019
  • Madonna, INXS, Cory Lee, Tonye Aganaba, Michael Buble, K-OS, La Roux, Nelly Furtado, Clear Mortifee, Warren Flandez, Omar Khan, Love & Electric, Amalia.
  • Original Cast members of 2017 Pixel and 2016 Spectra’s Cabaret in Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
  • Award-winning stage musical for the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2015, Prison Dancer – one of the lead characters.
  • 2020 Emmy Award Winner – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 2020 
  • Jojo’s past films, television series and commercials including, Vodafone, Toyota, A&W, Heinz, Kraft, Legends of Tomorrow, Valley of the Boom, Julie and the Phantom, Aaliyah Bio Epic, Pacific Rim, RAGS, Dr. Doolittle 3, Reefer Madness, Lush, Campbell Soup, Citroen C4. Verizon, Bratz Dolls, Red Cross,  The Next Step, The L-Word, Zoink’d, Catwoman, Eureka, and Caprica.
  • 2011 Vancouver Night Life Award – Best Performance of the Year “House of La Douche”
  • Wiggles – House of Venus – 560 Night Club
  • Chutzpah Festival – Science Friction 
  • Nijinsky Jazz Club – Jeniffer Mascall Dance
  • Bloom – Jeniffer Mascall Dance
  • Home Werk – Martha Carter HOP
  • 1998 – Philippines Variety Show – S.O.P. Sobrang Okay Pare 
  • 1994 – Commonwealth Games Victoria, B.C.
  • 1993-99 – Folk Fest Victoria, B.C.

Choreographer Music Video

  • Boss Bitch – Barron Sullivan
  • Robot Radio – Tito Deville’s Band
  • Perfect Storm – Brock Zanrosso
  • Refrain on Fire – Chloe Charles
  • A-L-L – Eric Zayne
  • Sunloverz – Fire Ft. Rosette

Assistant Choreographer

  • Cruel Intention – Cory Lee

Live Performance

  • Nelly Furtado – UBC Orange County Fair
  • Lil Kim – Fortune Sound Club
  • Digable Planet – Commodore Ballroom
  • La Roux – London Fashion Week
  • Mos Def – Commodore Ballroom
  • Old Money – New York
  • Tonye Aganaba – Shadbolt Theatre
  • Peaches – Toronto Pride
  • Melle Fresh – Toronto Pride
  • Hercules and Love Affair – Toronto Pride

  • Warren Flandez – Orpheum Theatre
  • Ndidi Cascade – Santa’s Parade

Principal Dancer

  • So Much More – Clear Mortifee
  • Bounce on It – Cory Lee
  • Save The Last Dance – Michael Buble
  • INXS Tour – INXS
  • Madonna – Madonna/Hard Candy
  • Zaki Ibrahim – Something in the Water
  • Head Go Wild – Dirty Radio
  • Red Apple – Illa Brown


From The Gallery

Photo Credits:

Richie Lubaton | Patrick J. Marie | Kyra Wittkopf